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When fire, disaster or medical emergency strikes, you take it for granted that your call for help will be answered.
And it will be but only because there are volunteers who willingly contribute their time and energy to keeping your community safe. These men and women come from every walk of life; they work and live all around you. They share an unselfish, often underappreciated commitment to being there ready to serve whenever a crisis occurs. That is truly being a good neighbor.
We are located at 7980 Clarkson Rd. Stop by the first Thursday, third Thursday or the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 to see what you can do.

We are looking for individuals to perform many roles. Some not even as responders. Can you help in organizing functions? What about projects around the Fire Hall? We have many positions open for help around the Fire Hall that don't include emergency respose. We also are looking to bolster the ranks in the Medical, Structural Firefighter,and Wildland Firefighter roles today. Apply today we supply you with all of the State and Federal training you need to do the job. Stop in today to see what it is we can do and what you can do for your community. Give back, make a little money, build liflong friendships. Apply today and help us fill our boots.


Professional firefighting services:

Provides fire suppression both structural and wildland as well as medical first responder services for our protection district.
We are located at 7980 Clarkson Rd.
approximately 4 miles from Rapid City on Sheridan Lake Road Our fire district is in the Black Hills Fire Protection District. No open fires are allowed, anytime of the year, unless the home owner has a permit.
Burn Permits for the Black Hills
are issued from October 1st thru April 1st each winter. Weather and snow cover determines if permits are being issued. Click here for more information on burn permits and burning regulations.

Whispering Pines VFD Vision Statement - 2018:

The Whispering Pines Volunteer Fire Department mission is, the protection of life and property from fire and to provide the public with the knowledge and information to prevent fire in our community.

In addition, to provide emergency medical aid and general public assistance.